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Villas with aesthetics

Each of the compartments gives a different form in the wood, creating furniture that have the same number but are otherwise on the image. Beauty is subjective and the 4 “Driopes” appear objectively apartments…


Functionality and comfort

All the complex’s villas have common aesthetics and functionality while small are the touches in decor differentiate giving a small “identity” in each. One thing is for sure irrespective of the 4 choose not wronged.


Koroni Messinia

Southwest of the Messinian Gulf is the picturesque Koroni. It is 52 km from the city of Kalamata and about 280 km from Athens. Arriving in Koroni worth visiting the famous Venetian castle which dominates the top of a hill.



Hospitality is much more than providing a shelter

Comfortable accommodation, warm hospitality!

All four independent villas are beautifully decorated and fully equipped with all modern comforts to offer a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Peaceful and relaxing holiday in Koroni

Koroni is a lovely seaside village of Messinia with endless natural beauty. The picturesque landscape, historical attractions and the warm hospitality enchant every visitor.


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